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If you have any concerns about how we are able to provide a service like this for free to you, try visiting our FAQ to find out more!

And because we keep getting this question regarding the legality of our operations due to the increasingly rampant gift card generators on the web, we would like to assure you that all gift cards we have have been provided to us by our sponsors. We do not believe gift card generators exist as gift cards must be activated when purchased at the cashier’s register, but even if they did (which none of our major sponsors would allow), we get our free gift cards for you guys from a legitimate source.

We look forward to working with you.

For those who don’t know:

Gift cards are prepaid store-based cards that essentially act as a voucher for $x amount at the store that provides them and they are usually issued by retailers or banks to be used as an alternative to cash for purchases. They are often used as parts of promotion strategies in order to entice recipients to visit their store and at these times gift cards can also be referred to as cash cards. In the case of GiftBeast, we are basically delivering to you the equivalent of such cash cards. Gift cards are generally only redeemable at the relevant retail premises and they cannot be cashed out, and in some situations expiration dates/fees may apply (this does not apply to any of the gift cards we offer though).

Aside from generic store gift cards you might have heard of like Walmart Gift Cards, there are alternatives that are Visa and MasterCard credit cards that compose generic gift cards that you can redeem at any store that accepts Visa and/or MasterCard. In the case of GiftBeast, we only offer Visa gift cards at this time. The primary feature of these gift cards is that they allow for anonymous purchasing and you are able to dispose of them once the stored value on the card is used up.

So why are gift cards useful? Money is not socially acceptable to be given, so it’s much simpler to give a nicely decorated card that allows the recipient to spend the money how they want at a store they frequent. Also, a gift card is used as a gift most of the time because it can be hard to decide on appropriate gifts most of the time. As of 2006, gift cards are now the second-most given gifts by consumers as well as the most desirable gift by women and third most desirable gift by men. The beauty of it is that as they become increasingly popular, they relieve the donor the pain of selecting a gift. Of course, this doesn’t mean gifts are limited to being given to others, you can also use the gift cards for yourself, which most patrons of GiftBeast.com opt for.

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So, who are we?

GiftBeast was started by 2 people who thought giving shouldn’t cost as much as it does. By trading a bit of your time to complete a survey to get a gift card, everyone comes out happy. We figured that this would be a new form of paying for gift cards. You trade a bit of your time so that a company can better understand your demographic and the company will give you a gift card in exchange.

This is just like paid focus groups companies conduct prior to releasing products except this is done online! How awesome! For just 5 minutes of your time you can easily pick up a GC worth MANY folds those 5 minutes so you can pick up a gift for yourself, a relative, or a friend!

By the way, we have the assurances of our sponsors and advertisers that they won’t sell your information, your information given to them is solely for private use.

Gifting Made Easy

Companies want to understand the people, and the people want gift cards, GiftBeast exists as the mediator between the two!

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You can mail our tech support at contact@giftbeast.com for all inquiries, we’re here to serve you!

Looking to pick up some free gift cards? Look no further than GiftBeast.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can you guys give out free gift cards?

Our advertisers and sponsors allocate us a certain # of gift cards in varying categories based on the demographic they are interested in surveying. In other words, we’re only able to give out gift cards because you guys are completing offers and surveys that our sponsors are interested in. So for the sake of understanding when you like to eat your breakfast, our sponsors are willing to give you free gift cards!

How can you give out different $s of gift cards for completing the same types of offers?

Simple! We suggested to our sponsors that more people will be attracted to our site if we offered varying $s of gift cards.

There’s no e.g. Amazon gift cards left! When will you guys restock?

Sorry! GiftBeast restocks at 12 AM EST(Eastern Standard Time) every day with varying quantities of gift cards in each category, just hold on tight while we restock! :)

Why are you running a gift card giveaway site?

We will be honest with you, we get a 10 cent commission from our advertisers every time one of you guys claims a gift card as a commission of sorts.

What do you guys do if you don’t run out of gift cards before the day ends?

Then that # of gift cards will just carry over to the next day adding onto the new # that our sponsors add to the pile! Yay! This accumulation is actually the reason why some of our categories have a lot more cards than they’re supposed to :) (Looking at you Google Play) If you’re interested in more stuff like this, check out an article we just wrote about the awesome history of gift cards!

Who even came up with the idea?

Our team leader Keith did! Thank him for the fact that this site exists today. Of course, if you mean who came up with the idea of gift cards… We have an answer for that too right on our site.